“The Walking Dead” introduced another character from Robert Kirkman’s comic books. During Sunday’s episode 11, Hilltop Colony leader Gregory (Xander Berkely) made his debut.

As some fans might expect, Gregory’s appearance on the hit AMC show will only mean more trouble for Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and his crew. Check out four things to know about the newbie based on Kirkman’s comics:

1. Hilltop Colony

Gregory is the leader of the Hilltop Colony, the same group Jesus (Tom Payne) is with. In the comics, Gregory is the exact opposite of Rick. He's described as a coward, self-centered and is mostly concerned with his own protection. Gregory is also extremely flirtatious in the comics and is instantly attracted to Maggie (Lauren Cohan).

2. The Saviors/Negan

Rick and the guys from Alexandria Safe-Zone are first introduced to Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and the Saviors because Gregory needs help defeating them. Rick agrees but wants Gregory to promise that he will give Alexandria Safe-Zone supplies to help them out. Of course, the plan to take down Negan and the Saviors doesn’t go as planned.

3. Glenn's Death

The TV version of “The Walking Dead” doesn’t always follow Kirkman’s original storyline, but fan-favorite character Glenn (Steven Yeun) is killed in the comic books. His death comes after Rick tries to stop the Saviors. To teach Rick a lesson, Negan lines up several people from his group and picks one to kill. Ultimately, Negan settles on Glenn and beats him with “Lucile,” a baseball bat lined with barbed-wire.

4. His Death

In the comics, Gregory is eventually killed for the attempted murder of Maggie. He invites her to his trailer and poisons her. Jesus, however, saves Maggie from dying and the now-widow decides that Gregory needs to be jailed. Maggie later changes her mind and has Gregory hung from a tree.

“The Walking Dead” airs Sundays at 9 p.m. EST on AMC.