WARNING! Stop reading if you haven’t watched Season 6, episode 3 of “The Walking Dead.” Sunday night’s episode appeared to kill off a major character -- however, fans aren’t so sure what to believe.

To briefly recap, Glenn (Steven Yeun) and Nicholas (Michael Traynor) split from the rest of the group in an effort to help draw the horde away from Alexandria. The game plan was to burn down a local feed store as a distraction, but when the two arrived they found that the building had already burned to the ground. Their luck only got worse from there. The walkers closed in on Nicholas and Glenn in a closed off alley. With nowhere left to run, their only move was to climb on top of a dumpster. However, the walkers were clawing at them and the stress got to Nicholas. After losing focus on the situation he thanked Glenn and turned the gun on himself. Nicholas collapsed on Glenn, causing him to fall off the dumpster and into the hands of the walkers.

“Walking Dead” fans were left with their jaws on the ground. It looked as if the walkers were clawing at Glenn and ripping out his intestines. But the episode did not actually show Glenn dying. So, does that mean he could potentially be alive? Showrunner Scott M. Gimple released a statement to “Talking Dead” host Chris Hardwick.

In the statement, Gimple admitted that it was a “hard story” to tell. While he didn’t confirm if Glenn is actually dead, he did reveal that fans will see Glenn in “some version” or “parts” of him. Glenn could be revisited by either flashbacks or the current story as a way to “help complete the story.”

Check out some of the fan speculation and theories following Season 6, episode 3:

“Talking Dead” Guests

When a character dies on “The Walking Dead,” the actor who portrays the recently deceased usually appears on “Talking Dead” following the episode. However, “The Leftovers” executive producer Damon Lindelof and “Odd Couple” actress Yvette Nicole Brown are the guests for Season 5, episode 3 of the talk show. While that’s suspicious, Chris Hardwick warned viewers not to “read into” this week’s guests. 

It's also important to note that Glenn wasn't included in the "In Memoriam" segment during "Talking Dead." Instead, they ended with Nicholas' death. However, the final words did hint that the show writers were in shock and keeping the faith since the episode didn't actually show Glenn dead.

Whose Guts Are Those?

Many viewers took notice that it looked as if Nicholas fell on top of Glenn. The scene caused many to speculate that the walkers might be ripping into Nicholas -- NOT Glenn. In the brief clip shown, the person that the walkers were killing was wearing a grey shirt. Looking back at Glenn and Nicholas’ wardrobe, the two were both wearing grey t-shirts.

Walking Dead Nicholas Nicholas (Michael Traynor) was wearing a grey shirt during Season 6, episode 3 of "The Walking Dead." The walkers were shown ripping into a grey shirt during the speculated death scene. Photo: AMC

A Fake Out

Is Glenn a fan-favorite character? Yes. Has he been on the show since the beginning? Yes. It might be hard to believe that the writers decided to kill him off, however, it would be much more unbelievable if he somehow managed to walk away unscratched. As Lindelof told Hardwick, it wouldn’t seem true to the AMC series if they miraculously saved him.

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