With only a few days before the second half of “The Walking Dead” season 6 returns on AMC, fans are looking forward to the introduction of new characters such as Paul “Jesus” Monroe, to be played by Tom Payne. In a recent interview, Payne gave a quick glimpse about his preparation for the role and other details about the character.

Payne gave his first interview about his new “The Walking Dead” role with Entertainment Weekly where he recounted how the audition process and the confirmation that he got the part happened “unexpectedly quick!” Payne stated that it all transpired in less than a week’s time and that it was a “whirlwind” process from sending in his audition tape on a Wednesday, landing the part on Friday and flying off to join the cast in Atlanta on a Monday.

He also shared that he had no idea that the role he will be playing in “The Walking Dead” season 6 will be Jesus. “I had an audition notice from my agent telling me the fake name of the part with a short description. I knew it was for The Walking Dead but had no idea of what the part would end up being,” Payne explained.

When Entertainment Weekly asked him to describe “The Walking Dead’s” Jesus, Payne stated that his character is the type of person who is “careful not to reveal his strengths too quickly” to others although he is “physically and mentally capable.” He also talked about the character’s control and that Jesus has a tendency to get the “measure of people pretty quickly upon meeting them.”

“[He] is always thinking about the best way to handle any situation he finds himself in. I’m very much looking forward to exploring the character further with the audience. It’s an exciting road ahead,” Payne added.

Given that the actor’s “The Walking Dead” character possesses an impressive defense and attack skill set, Payne told Entertainment Weekly that he was excited for the chance to be fit again, but admitted that the training was hard. Despite the challenging physical requirements for the role, Payne shared that he enjoyed the rigorous training. “I’ve loving every minute of it,” he stated.

Meanwhile, “The Walking Dead” creator and showrunner Robert Kirkman previously teased that Payne’s character will bring “some really cool stuff” to the AMC series. Kirkman also described the character as a “complete bada--.”

The second half of “The Walking Dead” season 6 will return on Feb. 14 on AMC.