Fans will have to wait a little bit longer to find out how Rick and his group are handling things following the brutal deaths of Glenn and Abraham. “The Walking Dead” Season 7, episode 2 focused on Carol and Morgan, revealing what they have been up to after getting rescued in the Season 6 finale by King Ezekiel’s men.

The episode, titled “The Well,” kicks off with a very injured Carol (Melissa McBride) being wheeled by men in armor. Morgan (Lennie James) is with her. As they are walking they run into a swarm of zombies and the makeshift stretcher Carol is on tips over and she falls on the ground. As Morgan and the men are fighting the walkers, Carol starts to see the zombies as the people they were before they became walkers. She eventually gets up off the ground and runs away from the group. As she’s leaving, Carol spots an abandoned house where she thinks she sees a woman waving to her in the window. It’s actually a walker. Carol crouches on the ground as Morgan and the other men kill all the zombies approaching her. Before continuing on their journey, Morgan scratches a mark in the mailbox outside the house Carol was looking at.

Meanwhile, Carol wakes from a deep sleep in a room she doesn’t recognize and asks Morgan how long she’s been asleep. He tells her two days, “more or less.” Morgan later tells Carol that they’re at a place called The Kingdom and says he’s been helping them because they have been helping Carol get back on her feet. Morgan wheels Carol in a wheelchair to see the leader of The Kingdom, a man called King Ezekiel (Khary Payton).

King Ezekiel is an eccentric character, who keeps a pet tiger named Shiva with him at all times. Carol thinks Ezekiel and The Kingdom is a big joke. When Ezekiel asks Carol what she thinks of The Kingdom and of him, she starts smiling and sarcastically says that she thinks it’s “amazing.” Ezekiel offers Carol some fruit but she declines telling the king that she wants to rest and would like a hairbrush because she didn’t know she was going to meet royalty.

Morgan takes Carol away, and she tells him that the place is a “circus” and make-believe. She wants to leave, but Morgan doesn’t want her to because he doesn’t want her to die out on the road by herself. Carol is adamant that she’s leaving.

Viewers also learn a few secrets about The Kingdom and Ezekiel. One of the big revelations is that Ezekiel and some of his men are letting their pigs feed on walkers. When Morgan asks what’s going on, one of Ezekiel’s men tells him: “Because I want their bellies full of rot.” Since the pigs are feeding on walkers, anyone who eats the animals could die. It’s not immediately clear who the pigs are for.

Morgan is told not to tell the people at The Kingdom about the pigs who feed on walkers. A truck carrying the pigs goes in one direction, while Morgan, Ezekiel and some of his men go back to their sanctuary. Ezekiel asks Morgan if he would train Ben on how to use a spear because he’s going to become an important asset to The Kingdom and he needs him to survive. At the moment, Ben is not good at killing walkers. Morgan agrees to help him.

After Morgan and Ben’s lesson, Ezekiel asks them to get their weapons and come with them. They are taken to where a trade will happen for the pigs. Morgan wants to know why the pigs are slaughtered so far away from The Kingdom and Ezekiel explains that it’s because everything they are about to do is a secret he doesn’t want the people at The Kingdom to know about. It’s revealed that Ezekiel has been giving Negan’s (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) men, The Saviors, the pigs to keep them from attacking The Kingdom. One of The Saviors points out that the pigs are bigger this time, and one of Ezekiel’s men tells him that they made sure the pigs were well fed. The Saviors don’t know that the pigs have been eating zombies and are infected with the virus.

Carol eventually leaves The Kingdom — without telling Morgan — but is caught trying to sneak away by Ezekiel. Carol and Ezekiel talk and he calls her out for trying to fool people with her “sweet and innocent act.” She says The Kingdom is a “joke” and he’s selling his people a fairytale. Ezekiel then reveals another secret, he’s a fraud. Ezekiel explains that the people at The Kingdom made up all these heroic stories about how he got his pet tiger, but in actuality it’s because he was a zookeeper before the outbreak and rescued her. He also tells her that people need to feel safe because it makes them more productive so that’s what he’s doing, pretending to be a leader to make his people feel safe. Ezekiel tells Carol she can leave or not leave, and find out if what he’s said is more “bulls---.”

Carol decides she still wants to leave, and Morgan escorts her away from The Kingdom. They stop at the house Carol saw earlier in the episode and she decides that’s where she wants to live. The episode ends with Ezekiel and Shiva showing up to the house Carol is at.

“The Walking Dead” Season 7 airs Sundays at 9 p.m. EDT on AMC.