Two words for the new “Walking Dead” web series, “The Oath”: Mind. Blown.

AMC released three new webisodes on Tuesday, Oct. 1, and like the previous web series it showed how others are surviving in the “Walking Dead” zombie apocalypse universe. The catch? It connected to the show in one crucial moment.


[Click HERE to watch “The Oath” Web Series.]

“The Oath” followed apocalypse survivors Karina and Paul. Viewers meet the pair just as their camp is being overrun by a hoard of “decays” (or walkers). Karina, who just watched one of her loved ones get killed, is frozen in place but is saved from a gruesome fate when Paul snaps her out of it and gets her moving.

“Remember when I found you?” he asks her. “I was the one that made you take the oath before you could join us. You remember that?”

“One lives, all live,” Karina says, reciting their oath.

Unfortunately Paul got a nasty cut while trying to escape the decays, and their route towards some sort of safety turns into a journey to find him medical attention. By the time the pair come across a hospital that isn’t overrun with zombies, Paul is unconscious from blood loss. Fortunately the facility has one remaining doctor that’s able to stitch up Paul. Unfortunately she says that he’s not going to make it and takes him away to cafeteria doors that are jammed closed with a piece of wood. What’s inside those doors? A lot of decays.

Listening to Karina’s story of survival, the doctor relays what happened at the hospital, explaining how they had to fear not only the dead, but the living as well. When Karina realizes that she’s now all alone, the doctor offers an alternative – a vial of drugs that could take away all the loss, violence and pain that this new world brought with it.

Believing that Paul is gone, Karina accepts the doctor’s offer … but what she doesn’t realize is that the doctor prematurely put Paul with the dead.

Managing to break out of the cafeteria before getting bit, Paul rushed into Karina’s room to see her last few moments alive.

Realizing that the doctor has been killing humans (or giving them an alternative option as she puts it) and placing them in the cafeteria, Paul pulls the gun on her.

But the doctor insists that she never made the decision for Karina and the others. “I will be there for those that want the same choice,” she explains. “That is my oath.”

With a gun pointing at her head, the doctor tells Paul that it is now him who has the choice to make. “You can’t murder someone who wants to die,” she tells him. “If you think I’m wrong … if you think I’m a murderer, then stop me.”

While no gun goes off, the next scene shows Paul reapplying a piece of wood to the cafeteria doors, locking them tight with a chain and spray painting something on it.

“In this world stripped of humanity and hope we have to fight to live,” he voices over as the camera shows Karina reawakening as a zombie. “And you gave up. You thought everything was taken away from you. But here I am. She was right it is a choice. But you were wrong about one thing -- You were never alone.  You gave up on me. But it still means something, our oath.” Paul can be seen reaching towards a zombie Karina with pliers. “One live, all live,” he voices over the scene. “It means your coming with me.”

The web series ends with him leaving the hospital with a toothless zombie Karina in a straight jacket. As for what he was spray painting on the cafeteria doors?

“Don’t Open. Dead Inside.”

Sound familiar at all? Check out the pictures below. The first photo is from “The Walking Dead” web series, “The Oath.” The second photo is from season one, episode one of “The Walking Dead.”


Sound off on your thoughts in the comments section and let us know if your mind was blown. “The Walking Dead” returns for its fourth season on Sunday, Oct. 13 at 9 p.m. on AMC.