The Walking Dead
"The Walking Dead" released "The Oath," its latest web series, on Tuesday, Oct. 1. AMC

Need your “Walking Dead” fix? Fans of the AMC series still have to wait a couple more weeks, but the good news is that you can hold off your hunger for blood and guts with a brand new “Walking Dead” webisode series, “The Oath.”

Starting on Tuesday, Oct. 1, viewers can check out AMC’s YouTube Channel to watch “The Oath,” a new series from the mind of “Walking Dead” director and special effects makeup designer Greg Nicotero.

The three-part series follows Paul (Wyatt Russell) and Karina (Ashley Bell) in the aftermath of the zombie apocalypse. According to the AMC blog, Paul and Karina are the “lone survivors of a massive walker-attack.” And while that seems like good news for them, the bad news is that one of them is slowly bleeding out and needs immediate medical attention. The three, seven to 10 minute webisodes will show the pair as they attempt to find an aid station before it’s too late.

But unfortunately a mortal wound and zombies aren't the only troubles that Paul and Karina are going to face in “The Oath.” The duo will encounter an “unexpected survivor” who “may hide a darker agenda.”

“There’s walkers, gore and new threats lurking around every turn -- all the elements that fans of ‘The Walking Dead’ will love!” Nicotero dished to AMC’s blog. “The webisodes give us a unique opportunity to see other parts of the ravaged world of ‘The Walking Dead’ while weaving in and out of our show.”

This isn’t the first time that the AMC series has produced a web series. In the second season, fans were treated to the backstory behind “Hannah,” the iconic walker missing half her body that Rick discovers in a field. In season 3, the web series “Cold Storage” was produced, telling the story of a survivor named Chase who seeks refuge from a horde of walkers in a (not-so) abandoned storage facility.

You can watch all three parts of “The Walking Dead” season 4 webisodes series online now. Watch the three installments for “The Oath” below, on the AMCTV website, or on AMC’s YouTube Channel.