“This War of Mine,” an indie game known for being soul crushing and depressing, is about to get a tabletop board game. The game’s developer 11-bit studios has teamed up with veteran board game designers Michael Oracz and Jakub Wisniewski to make the game approachable and easy to learn, to the point that the manual won’t have to be read.

The board game will supposedly expand the game’s universe and story, with Gamasutra claiming that there will be more depth to the plot when playing the tabletop version. Like the indie hit, “This War of Mine” will focus on human interaction, as well as difficult situations that have to be made in times of war.

Since it’s a tabletop game, it will support up to six players, each of whom will control a character from the video game. The game will closely mirror the video game experience, which should be interesting since very few board games are a sad affair.

An app has also been announced for the tabletop game, which will have special digital content that may enrich the player’s experience when playing the tabletop game. The app seems to be really comprehensive, as it will have a soundtrack, live story updates, game-related puzzles, scenario-triggered scripts and more.

This has been a common trend with board games lately, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Since the app for the board game will supposedly enrich the experience, it might even make the tabletop title feel like the indie game even more.

Fans might be worried that the game won’t work well in the realms of tabletop gaming, but it’s clear that a lot of effort will be put into it. According to Game Informer, Michael Oracz has worked on numerous successful board games, including “Earthcore: Shattered Elements” and “Neuroshima RPG.”

Jakub Wisniewski has also had experience crafting good stories, as he helped Oracz work on “Earthcore” and was a story designer for “Dying Light.”

No official release date has been unveiled for the “This War of Mine” tabletop game, though it will be coming out next year. Only then will fans know if it lives up to the hype of the original video game.

This War of Mine - Gameplay Trailer (Credit: YouTube/GameSpot)