Critically acclaimed war game “This War of Mine” is officially coming to mobile devices next month. Developer 11 Bit Studios has released an interactive trailer to show newcomers what kind of difficult choices the game will have the player make. The desktop version of “This War of Mine” debuted last November and was a critical darling due to the game’s storytelling elements and the difficult choices one has to make in the game.

To those unaware, “This War of Mine” isn’t a typical war game where the player is a soldier who takes on other soldiers. Instead, players are cast into the role of a group of survivors who are simply trying to stay alive in an abandoned building, as the city they live in becomes a war zone.

Instead of having to shoot soldiers or lob grenades at bases, “This War of Mine” has players worrying about finding food and shelter for his or her group in the abandoned building. That doesn’t mean that the game is devoid of violence, however, as other survivors have resorted to ganging up on other people in order to survive, and the player can engage in violence as well with the various weapons that can be found, as reported by EnStars.

Players might have to resort to stealing food and medicine in order to survive, maybe even having to kill other people to get what they need. The game’s dark atmosphere and sad tone make sure each difficult decision remains difficult, as the game and 11 Bit don't take any of these decisions for granted.

Overall it’s a very dark and depressing title, one that takes the perspective of civilians, which is usually never seen in the more mainstream war games like “Call of Duty” and “Battlefield.” Touch Arcade was able to have some hands-on time with the game and came away impressed with how suited the game was for mobile devices. It will be available for devices using Apple's iOS or Google's Android operating system.

“This War of Mine” is a very different war game and might be one worth investing in when it gets released in the iTunes App Store and Google Play next month. No price for the game has been confirmed yet.

This War of Mine - War is not a choice (Credit: YouTube/11bitstudios)