After what feels like years of waiting for the story of the popular video game “Warcraft” to be told on the big screen, the first trailer for Duncan Jones’ film was released Friday. Along with many of the movie’s cast members, the director took to the stage at BlizzCon 2015 in Anaheim, California, Friday, to give fans their initial full-length look at what they can expect when the adaptation of the game hits theaters.

Jones brought for the first time the world of live-action film to the annual event that celebrates Blizzard Entertainment’s fantastic lineup of games and hosts competitions to see who is the best at playing them. Joining the director onstage were actors Clancy Brown (Blackhand), Dominic Cooper (King Llane Wrynn), Ben Foster (Medivh), Toby Kebbell (Durotan), Paula Patton (Garona) and Daniel Wu (Gul’dan). Together, they revealed the movie’s first full-length trailer, which is not to be confused with the brief teaser that came out this week. The event was broadcast live via Twitch.

The film will tell the origin story of how the humans of the fictional world of Azeroth discovered their mortal enemies -- the orcs. To avoid the risk of simply having one-dimensional bad guys, however, the movie will seek to give its villains proper cause for the conflict between the two sides. It appears the orcs’ home has been destroyed and their foray into human-controlled territory has less to do with waging war and more to do with the species’ basic survival. 

As those who play the hit video game “World of Warcraft” (“WoW”) already know, most of the action hinges on the conflict between the Horde and the Alliance, with orcs and humans making up the leaders of those respective factions. However, the massively multiplayer online role-playing game that’s become so well-known in pop culture is only the tip of the “Warcraft” iceberg. There were three games that came out from Blizzard Entertainment before “WoW,” and it seems these older games, going back to the original in 1994, will be the main inspiration for the film. In fact, Jones took a moment onstage to reveal to the audience that he’s been a fan of the franchise for several years and even played the original game when it first came out.

“Warcraft” will hit U.S. theaters June 10, 2016. Check out its first full-length trailer below, then either comment about your thoughts or tweet them to @TylerMcCarthy.