Golden State Warriors guard Monta Ellis is rumored to want a trade, according to the NY Post.

Ellis was the subject of numerous trade rumors prior to the NBA draft last night. These rumors continued after the Warriors drafted Washington State guard Klay Thompson, who plays the same position as Ellis at shooting guard.

According to the NY Post:

Word has it Ellis' agent, Jeff Fried, who did not return my call, informed management his client wants to be dealt.

The new rumor that Ellis wants to be traded would be consistent with reports that Ellis was unhappy two years ago when Stephen Curry was drafted.

In fact, Ellis had to address the relationship he had with Curry a year later, and all appeared well between the two guards.

But like the situation with Curry, drafting Klay Thompson may have disappointed the Warriors guard and led him to make his rumored trade request.    

Warriors General Manager Larry Riley said after the draft that the Warriors intend on keeping Elis, at least through the next season.

He envisions their new draft pick Thompson backing up Ellis at shooting guard and playing small forward as well.

Thompson has a large frame for a guard at 6'7 and would match up well with the Warriors smaller guards. 

Both Ellis and Stephen Curry are small guards who are premier shooters in the league, but average defenders.

Thompson himself has been knocked for his defensive play and lack of athleticism.  New Warriors head coach Mark Jackson says that doesn't concern him since he has the physical attributes and will learn in the NBA.

If Thompson can learn defense and guard the larger guards in the NBA, this appears to suggest that either Monta Ellis or Stephen Curry are expendable.

Since Stephen Curry is younger with a higher potential, the Warriors appear to have chosen Curry as the future of the franchise.

This morning on KNBR radio, Riley said that the Warriors fielded several offers from teams for Ellis but called them ridiculous.

Among the trade rumors prior to the draft that were circulating included Ellis being traded for the No 2 pick and Ellis being traded in a three-way swap with the Lakers and Bulls that would net them Lamar Odom and Joakim Noah.

Several days ago, Ellis, Andris Biedrins, and Ekpe Udoh were reportedly offered by the Warriors to the Orlando Magic for Dwight Howard, but were rejected. 

A trade rumor that has continued to follow the Warriors is trading Ellis for 76ers big man Andre Iguodala.

Most of these trade rumors seem to suggest that the Warriors are shopping Ellis for a big man.

This would be consistent with the Warriors lack of interior presence.

David Lee is a former All-Star but is not good on defense. Andris Biedrins has not been a good center in the league for at least two years. 

It remains to be seen if the Warriors make any type of move, but new rumors of Ellis' trade request will certainly exacerbate rumblings of Ellis' unhappiness with the team going into the summer.