April Pratt's name mysteriously popped up on Twitter's trending list on Wednesday in the same way Amber Cole's had weeks ago, and indeed there are parallels.

Both Pratt and Cole feature in graphic videos performing oral sex on two different men. But for 14-year-old Cole, what was a misguided teenage error-- being caught at school in flagrante delicto-- for Pratt, became a business gain.  

When Amber Cole's video went viral, her name started to resonate all over the Web, not for the performance itself, but more for the fact that such a graphic video of a teenager was being viewed by millions across the world. It was deemed, by some, as promoting child pornography.

Thousands took to Twitter to condemn the girl's actions, calling her a Slut, Hussy and Whore, but behind that came a campaign to leave Amber Cole Alone. Many acknowledged that the acts were that of a misguided teenager and she had not actually committed a crime to merit such abuse. Others feared that the type of cyber bullying could lead to the teenager's suicide.

Just as all internet trends finally fade out, so did the topic of Amber Cole. People grew tired of the songs and satire revolving around the girl, so much so they took to Twitter to ask people to stop talking her. But on Wednesday Amber Cole's name came back into circulation off the heals of April Pratt who put out a similar tape using her real name in order to promote her aspiration of becoming a porn star.

While Pratt has been condemned on Twitter for trying to seek attention off the back of a teenager's error, there has been less finger wagging merely because Pratt is of age.

The main video shows Pratt in a University of Memphis sweatshirt, performing oral sex in various locations of the school. Once the video went viral she released another where she brags about how she became as famous as Beyonce overnight.

I am trending all over the world, she said. The real April Pratt is trending with my favorite Beyonce lyrics.

Pratt explains that she released she video to kick start her career as a porn star from her hometown. Meanwhile, the University of Memphis has released a statement saying they have no association with April Pratt, even though the tape is shot at various locations on campus, Gather reported.

April Pratt Tweets:

IRespectWomen Anthony DJ 

Men only treat women like hoes when they act like hoes. Not condoning it but its our f*cked up society praising women like AprilPratt.

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April Pratt ? New Amber Cole ?

SheIs9O21O_x3 Pretty ' Dope ' Me 

So April Pratt blowing nut bubbles, Amber Cole giving mega dome, Who's the next head hunter with a name starting with A.

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April Pratt has got to be the biggest idiot on the planet.

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:):) bubbles. RT @Sway_lo @Ayymazing i watched that april prattvideo and i almost threw up in my mouth