MTV’s spinoff show “Teen Mom 3” has apparently been canceled after just one season, at least according to telling tweets from cast member Briana Dejesus. This season of the hit show has been different from past ones because the girls generally seem to have their lives in order, unlike notorious “TM” alumnae like Jenelle Evans and Amber Portwood.

Dejesus took to Twitter over the weekend and essentially thanked MTV for the experience, but said she was ready to move on (and not become a porn star like “Teen Mom” Farrah Abraham).

“Time to move on from MTV and do bigger and better things & no I don't mean become a porn star lol,” she wrote on Saturday. "Teen mom 3 was one of the best experiences I ever had! I will never forget it!"

Then she added: “It's come to an end guys!”

Though Dejesus’ tweets to her followers are quite clear, MTV has yet to issue an official statement about the show coming to an end after just one short season.

Unlike their predecessors, the girls of “TM3” made it clear they all wanted the best for their babies and were willing to do whatever it takes to ensure it. In Alex Sekella’s case, that meant separating her daughter from her father, who struggled with heroin addiction. Dejesus also tried to put distance between her daughter and her former lover, but was able to become friends since she felt it was best for her little girl. In a surprising twist, Mackenzie Douthit was able to repair her relationship with her beau and is even pregnant with her second child! Even Katie Yaeger went in the right direction this season, putting her education first and foremost rather than her intimate relationship.

It seems MTV might care more about ratings than showing audiences that there are teen mothers out there who can set a positive example. Instead, it seems that wild cards like Evans, Abraham and Portwood are the ones who create the drama and keep the show afloat.

Surprise, surprise: “Teen Mom 2” will be coming back for another season in January. That means all new spectacles can be expected from “TM2” alumnae Chelsea Houska, Jenelle Evans, Kailyn Lowry and Leah Messer.

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