North Texas resident Lisa Gail Alfred's music video for her tutorial pop song 3 Second Rule went viral online over the past few days, causing the singer to remove the original from YouTube.

The video was quickly picked up by a number of websites, including Austinist (an offshoot of Gothamist), the Huffington Post and Buzzfeed, the last of which called it The Worst Thing You'll Hear All Day. This barrage of criticism may have caused Alfred to quickly take down the video, although thankfully several copies already existed online.

The song itself teaches men who are dating or married that it is all right to look at other attractive women, but only for three seconds, and also notes that rules mean you only look but you cannot touch.

The song's chorus speaks for itself:

It's called the three second rule.
Like the kinda rule you had in school.
It's just my three second rule.
It's designed to keep my man in line as long as he follows the three second rule...

At Lisa Gail Alfred's website, where the video is still available, though not in YouTube form, you can also listen to her other songs, including Dirty Girl, You're Easy On The Eyes and Lord Break The Curse. In her bio Lisa Gail describes herself as sounding like Shania Twain, Martina McBride Fancluc, Terri Clarck, Faith Hill, Neidi Newfield. She started singing in the Texas Girls Choir and won several competitions for her singing and flute playing.

The music video has earned comparison's to Rebecca Black's excruciating Friday, but while that was a pop sing created by Ark Studios, a company that allows rich parents to pay for their talentless children to star in music videos, Lisa Gail's song has a more homemade feeling to it.