Beyoncé has seen some recent success with her latest album, titled '4.' AOL Music said of Beyoncé and her latest album, When it comes to Beyoncé, landing on top comes naturally.

In a recent mini-documentary Year of 4, Beyoncé talks about her recent time away from the spotlight, but with her latest video, it's clear the diva is ready to return to center stage.

The singer said in her documentary, My life was award shows and tour buses and hotels and it kinda goes by so fast. You're getting awards and people are saying how much they respect you and I couldn't even hear it anymore, it was just like thank you, thank you, thank you.

I never realized I need a year off . . . it gave me time to really think about my life. As far back as I can remember, I was a performer, a singer and a dancer. But now that I'm older there are things that I want to say in my art.

In her latest single, it's as if the transformation from girl to diva and from diva to woman has been completed. 

It seems critics and fans alike are praising Beyoncé for not only the single, but for her video. Rolling Stone said of the latest video, “The video hits all of its marks perfectly, conveying all of the nuances in the lyrics while providing a lovely, memorable visual.”

A Twitter fan stated, If I were a drag queen, my new number for the summer would be @beyonce's best think I never had . . ..

Watch the video on Beyoncé's website, or take a look at it here.