"The Daily Show," like most of the media, has a symbiotic relationship with Republican front-runner Donald Trump. On one hand, he serves as constant material for host Trevor Noah and his stable of reporters; on the other, the liberal-leaning Comedy Central show doesn't hide its concern over Trump's rise in the polls as he rails against Mexicans and Muslims.

To better understand Trump's appeal, correspondent Jordan Klepper organized a focus group of Trump supporters in Las Vegas during a segment Tuesday night. 

"Why I like Trump is he's not a politician," one said. "He has no filters," said another. "Do you want a president in there that really walks on eggshells and not want [sic] to hurt this community or that community?"

"Yes," Klepper said, deadpan.

Klepper asked if statistics on Trump's debunked claims — like the one that most Mexicans coming to the U.S. illegally are "rapists" — mattered to the group at all. "I think the vast majority of your statistics are bull----," Klepper said. The participants didn't seem bothered.

The segment climaxed with an exercise called "Trump Card," where Klepper had the group members hold up paper faces of Trump and drop them as soon as he listed something that would cause them to bail on the candidate. Most of the things, Trump had already done: making fun of a disabled reporter, making fun of Chinese people, proposing a registry for all Muslims. The cards stayed in the air.

Finally, when Klepper switched the word "Muslims" with "Jews," six of the eight respondents decided that wasn't their cup of tea. But two remained steadfast in support for the mogul-turned-candidate.