If you’ve ever wondered what your grandparents would think about “Grand Theft Auto V,” check out the video below. YouTube channel REACT on Wednesday asked a group of senior citizens to play Rockstar's controversial action-adventure game, in which participants regularly steal cars, murder enemies and engage in sexual activities with prostitutes.

“Oh, goodness, I’ve heard of this one,” one participant, Libby, said before picking up the controller.

“The goal of the game is to be a successful criminal,” Victoria observed, when asked if she understood the premise of the game.

“I don’t want my grandkids to see me doing this,” said Barbara, another tester.

During the nearly 10-minute video, the participants explored the city of Los Santos and Blaine County, venturing around the urban area and taking part in typical “GTA V” player activities.

“I hit a woman for the first time in my life,” Melvin said.

Some of the users praised the game’s gorgeous graphics, while another was amazed at being able to ride the in-game roller coaster, the Leviathan.

Though the seniors seemed to enjoy themselves and admitted the game was fun, they discussed whether they’d want their grandchildren to play it. "I wouldn't want my grandkids to play this one," Jon said. “This kinda game, all the wackos out there, this kinda stuff brings it out of them, makes them do violent things."

However, other players disagreed. "It's just a game," one player said. "I don't think this encourages crime," another user said. "Anyone who does that is predetermined to do that anyway."