In a new video that showcases the leaps technology has made in the relatively short span of four decades, and its ubiquity in our daily lives in the twenty-first century, Fine Brothers, producers who work on online videos, released a new video Sunday for the YouTube series, “Kids React,” in which today's kids are seen struggling to operate a computer from the 1970s.

In the video, the narrator talks about the old Apple II, which first debuted in 1977, and then asks the kids to perform some tasks on the ancient computer. The kids in the video are surprised to see the computer and some are unable to turn it on.

An 8-year-old girl, Brooke-Monae, tries to operate the machine with her voice and, when that does not work, she tries tapping the screen with her fingers to make it work. The video received more than one million views in just one day and has so far attracted more than three million views.

‘I don’t get it, and I don’t get the 1970s,’ says one child, while 12-year-old Dylan says: “Three decades ago I would love to have this but now this is just a footstool.”

Some of the children manage to turn the computer on but are surprised to see a green screen. “It’s green which makes it look ugly,” Jayka, an 11-year-old girl says.

The children are also seen complaining about the noise made by the computer and ask questions like, “Where is the mouse?” and “Why is it so Big?”

While every single kid complains about an old shooting game they play on the computer, one girl exclaims: “At least it’s better than Flappy Birds!”

According to, an Apple II with 4K RAM cost $1,298 while one with 48K RAM cost $2,638. 

Watch the YouTube video here: