If you need someone to explain Alexander Hamilton in an entertaining way, you ask for Lin-Manuel Miranda. If you need someone to explain Hamilton’s history in a hilarious way, you ask for inebriated Lin-Manuel Miranda. That’s exactly what the “Drunk History” producers did.

In sneak-peek videos from Tuesday’s episode, the writer and star of Broadway’s “Hamilton” explains both Hamilton’s affair and his college education to host Derek Waters. While Miranda narrates, Alia Shawkat takes on the role of Hamilton, Aubrey Plaza plays Burr and Tony Hale plays James Monroe.

Sneak Peek No. 1

In the first clip, Miranda explains what is basically the beginning and end of Act 1 of “Hamilton.” He says that Hamilton wanted to finish his education at “Queens College” (it’s actually King’s College) in two years, just like Burr. He gets turned down, but they both leave school early to join the Revolutionary War. Miranda explains Hamilton’s desire to get on the field at the Battle of Yorktown. “Hamilton goes into it with ridiculous gusto. He’s like jumping ahead of everyone … He’s like showboating,” Miranda explains.

[Warning: Though Comedy Central bleeps out most curse words, both of these clips have some vulgar language.]

Sneak Peek No. 2

Miranda delves into Hamilton’s affair with Maria Reynolds in this clip (via Buzzfeed). The Pulitzer Prize winner discusses how Monroe confronted Hamilton about embezzlement, but Hamilton was actually paying James Reynolds so he could continue having an affair with Maria Reynolds, James’ wife. “Hamilton is not a great dude. I know you think he’s great because he’s a war vet, and he’s the Treasury Secretary. But you’re gonna learn the truth real soon,” Miranda says.

After his affair is leaked in the paper, Hamilton decides to explain what really happened in the Reynolds Pamphlet. Admitting to cheating on his wife isn’t great, but despite what his friends say, he still thinks admitting to infidelity is better than being accused of embezzlement.

Watch Miranda’s episode of “Drunk History” in full on Tuesday at 10:30 p.m. EST on Comedy Central.