In a new promo for Nick Offerman's coming movie "Somebody Up There Likes Me," the "Parks and Recreation" star filmed himself, wife Megan Mullally and "Community" star Allison Brie smoking what appared to be marijuana from bongs.

Throughout the promo, the inebriated trio describe the film, discuss its marketing, and of course, clear their bongs a couple of times. Offerman, who produced the film, at one point incorrectly refers to the movie as "Somebody Up There Loves Us" before Mullally corrects him.

Nick Offerman, who is best known for his role as Ron Swanson in the NBC comedy "Parks and Recreation," stars as Sal in the film. His wife, Megan Mullally of "Will and Grace" fame, who has also appeared in "Parks and Recreation" as Ron's ex-wife, plays a therapist. Allison Brie, best known for her roles as Annie Edison in "Community" and Trudy Campbell in "Mad Men," is not set to appear in the film.

A trailer for "Somebody Up There Likes Me" has been floating around for a while, and while viewers of the promo may get the idea that that the film is a stoner comedy, the film appears to be a low-key comedy about life and marriage.

While the promo may seem like an odd way to promote the movie, the video has earned a ton of buzz around the Internet. It may not fit with the film thematically, but it's certainly done its job as a promotional piece.

The film premiered at South by Southwest's film festival earlier in the year and was recently picked up for distribution by Robert de Niro's Tribeca Film. The distributor plans to release "Somebody Up There Likes Me" in March 2013 in theaters and on demand.

Director Bob Byington has previously helmed the independent films "Harmony and Me," and "RSO [Registered Sex Offender]."

Watch the promo and the film's official trailer below.