HBO has released a preview of former Daily Show correspondent Jon Oliver's new show on the network. The half-hour show is called "Last Week Tonight with Jon Oliver" and will air Sunday nights at 11 p.m. EST. It premieres April 27.

The show will be a weekly review of news headlines. HBO said Last Week Tonight will present "a half-hour satirical look at the week in news, politics and current events," but did not elaborate about the show's format.

Will there be guests? Will it be a funnier version of Real Time With Bill Mahar? No indication yet, but we feel confident that with Jon Oliver and former Daily Show writer Tim Carvell at the helm, "Last Week Tonight" will be a welcome addition to the Sunday night schedule.

Oliver spent seven years at the Daily Show and served as a guest host last summer while Jon Stewart was filming his debut dramatic film, "Rosewater," in Jordan. HBO offered him the program after his guest-hosting gig earned strong reviews from critics and Daily Show fans alike.

Oliver has been co-hosting The Bugle, a weekly podcast with fellow British political comedian Andy Zaltzman since 2007.

You can follow "Last Week Tonight" on Twitter for updates. It seems they're already having some fun with their new HBO colleagues: