With less than three days until the “Shenmue 3” Kickstarter campaign ends the game has reached almost $5 million, well over the $2 million goal. To say thank you to the fans that supported the project Ys Net released a short trailer on Tuesday.

The 38 second scene shows Ryo and Shenhua arriving at the Lake of the Lantern Bugs. “Entranced, they watch the gentle flight of the lantern bugs upon the mirage-like oasis,” said the campaign update post from Ys Net.

“It is still a work in progress, but Yu Suzuki has sent it with loving care and hopes it will be all that the fans of the series have come to love, and will show those new to the game some of the wonder and magic they can expect from the continually unfolding world of Shenmue,” said Ys Net. “Your support and encouragement alone have already made this project a huge success. Thank you!!!”

The release of “Shenmue 3” is still a way off yet, while an official release date has not been announced the estimated delivery according to the Kickstarter is Dec. 2017.