Things got pretty heated in episode 7 of "Wayward Pines" Season 1. Fresh off of his behind-the-scenes tour of Wayward from David Pilcher (Toby Jones) himself, Ethan Burke (Matt Dillon) was approaching his new role as town sheriff with a newfound vigor. Unfortunately, that would mean butting heads with many of his former friends, including Kate (Carla Gugino). The battle for control of Wayward Pines left fans with a lot of lingering questions after "Betrayal."

Here's what fans are asking after episode 7:

1. Is Ben Dead Or Alive?

Episode 7 ended on a massive cliffhanger. Ben Burke (Charlie Tahan) and Amy (Sarah Jeffery) had snuck onto a delivery truck to get a little hot and heavy, unwittingly boarding the same truck Ted Laufer (Andrew Jenkins) was using to transport a bomb to the town's fence. When the bomb went off, Ben was left unconscious on the ground in Ethan's arms. Is Ben dead?

2. Was Ethan Brainwashed?

Fans saw for themselves as David Pilcher gave Ethan a tour of the inner workings of Wayward Pines and explained that every resident had been cryogenically frozen for over 2,000 years. However, nobody back in the town seems to believe the sheriff, thinking that he must have been brainwashed to be working for Pilcher. Is that possible? Could Ethan be being played? Perhaps the injury on Ethan's arm, allegedly from an Abby, could have administered a drug that allowed the powers at be to deceive him. 

3. What Is Plot 33?

Theresa Burke (Shannyn Sossamon) did a little more digging into Plot 33. She paid the site a visit and discovered a metallic tank of some sort buried under the ground. Rumors around the town suggest the piece of land could be a way to escape to Wayward Pines. However, Bill (Michael McShane) shot Theresa down again when she brought the subject up in the office. Will fans ever find out what secrets Plot 33 is hiding?

4. Can Fans Trust Amy?

On the one hand, it sure is sweet to watch Ben finally get a girlfriend and Amy seems to be genuinely attracted to the younger Burke. However, episode 7 revealed that Amy had been assigned to befriend Ben by Mrs. Fisher (Hope Davis). Much was made of the town's focus on fertility in the episode, which makes sense considering reproduction would be pretty important if Wayward Pines is indeed the last bastion of human civilization. So, Mrs. Fisher could simply be trying to play matchmaker. Still, could there be a more sinister motive behind the teacher's manipulation?

5. What Happens If The Fence Breaks?

If Kate and the "subversives" get their way and blow a hole in the fence, would the Abbies cause chaos in the town. Is there really a safe place for humanity beyond the fence or is Pilcher right? If Ethan has his way, neither viewers nor the residents of Wayward Pines will ever find out.