Ready for answers on “Wayward Pines”? They’re coming! Star Carla Gugino is promising that fans will have some of their biggest questions answered in the upcoming installments.

International Business Times spoke with Gugino, who portrays former Secret Service agent Kate Hewson, at the 2015 ATX Television Festival in Austin, Texas. The actress revealed new aspects about her character and some of the drama to come in the mysterious Fox series.

International Business Times: Can you talk about Kate and Theresa’s (Shannyn Sossamon) awkward moment in episode 4.

Carla Gugino: One of the things I really loved -- and Shannyn and I talked a lot about it -- is that neither one of us had any interest, nor do the creators of the show, of having these women hate each other. … What’s interesting about that scene to me is that this is a memory 12 years ago for Kate, and it’s so fresh in her mind. For Teresa it’s such a fresh wound, and for Kate it’s something that at this point she really does regret. It’s like looking back at something you regret from 12 years ago. So I love that they’re coming from two different time frames. And I think Kate in that moment is a different woman than she was.

And this point when it’s really about survival, I think Kate’s just saying, ‘Please, can we somehow move beyond this so that we can help each other.’ I think that’s really where she’s coming from.

IBTimes: What was going on with Kate when she looked over at Ethan (Matt Dillon) having dinner with the spooky new teacher Megan Fisher (Hope Davis) and the mayor in that episode?

Gugino: Kate has been impeccable at being the perfect Wayward Pines citizen, and that’s why she has survived so long. You saw what happened to Juliette Lewis’ character. It’s only Ethan coming in that I think reminds her of the life she had to say goodbye to, and how much she cares for him that she starts taking risks to try to save him. Because she has a much larger plan at hand, so in that moment I think she is … there are many things going on, but certainly one of them is really assessing what he’s up to and how far in he’s getting himself.

IBTimes: Can we even trust Kate? Her character seems to flip-flop.

Gugino: You cannot know where she’s coming from yet. You will get underneath that surface. You will see why she has to do, what she's having to do, to survive. She’s such a challenging character to play in such an exciting way. But you will also ultimately get to see what happened to her when she first came here.

IBTimes: Are we going to learn more about Kate’s mysterious husband, Harold (Reed Diamond)?

Gugino: There is also much more to Howard than meets the eye. What I love about this show is that certain characters you meet, like Ethan -- you know who he is. He is the man who is from the start trying to figure this out. A lot of other characters are not at all what you perceive them to be. There is a reason that Kate and Harold are together.

IBTimes: Perhaps the most terrifying character on the show is Nurse Pam (Melissa Leo). Should we be afraid of her?

Gugino: I think Kate is afraid of Nurse Pam for sure. I think she’s definitely the one that … very soon you’re going to see somebody else who has a lot of power in that town that you will not expect.

IBTimes: Do you like the ending of “Wayward Pines”? Do you think it’s satisfying for your character?

Gugino: I do. It’s a very interesting ending for this character. I really think it’s a very interesting ending for the show overall. That’s what’s kind of amazing about it, is that it really functions as a 10-episode show. It really doesn’t cheat you in that way. We will let you in soon.

"Wayward Pines" airs on Thursdays at 9 p.m. EDT on Fox.