Wayward Pines
Ethan (Matt Dillon) got a new job in episode 4 of "Wayward Pines" Season 1. Fox

What did viewers learn from episode 4 of Fox’s mysterious “Wayward Pines”? Well, for starters, retirement means something very different in this town than it does elsewhere in the world. Plus, the files Wayward has on every resident suggest something very sinister indeed about whoever is behind the conspiracy-laden community. However, fans were left with just as many questions after “One of Our Senior Realtors Has Chosen to Retire.”

Here are four questions fans are asking after episode 4:

1. Will the Burkes Stay In Wayward Pines?

The Burkes might hate Wayward Pines – well, at least Ethan (Matt Dillon) and Theresa (Shannyn Sossamon) anyway – but, like it or not, they have a life there now. After inheriting Beverly’s (Juliette Lewis) house in episode 3, the adult Burkes were given new jobs in episode 4. Ethan took over for the late, sorry, “retired” Sheriff Pope (Terrence Howard) and Theresa accepted a position at the town’s unconventional realtors office – they just give the houses away to new residents!

The Burkes did a lot of posturing in the latest episode, pretending to go along with the town’s plans, while digging for more information. Their compliance is all just an act now, but will it give way to acceptance, like Kate (Carla Gugino) promised it would? Ben Burke (Charlie Tahan) sure seems to be fitting in nicely.

2. What Is Mrs. Fisher’s Game?

Speaking of Ben, the younger Burke had his first day at the Academy, Wayward’s eccentric school, in episode 4. Ben was shown around his new school by Mrs. Fisher (Hope Davis), a seemingly friendly woman who might have ulterior motives. During an orientation session, she asked Ben a series of seemingly redundant questions – “Where are you from?,” “Where do you live?” and “Where is home?” Ben answered every question with Seattle, but Mrs. Fisher seemed to be digging for a different kind of answer. Then, she questioned the Burkes’ reason for being in Wayward Pines, planting seeds of doubt in Ben about his parents. Is the treacherous teacher trying to turn Ben against his parents?

3. Can Ben Trust Amy?

Ben made a new friend at school, a precocious girl named Amy (Sarah Jeffery). Coming from Seattle, where Ben admittedly had no social life, the prospect of a cute girl spending time with him had the outsider feeling right at home in Wayward Pines. Who didn’t love seeing Ben get that kiss? However, is Amy’s interest in Ben genuine, or is she a tool used by the town to lure Ben into contentment in Wayward Pines.

4. What Do Those Files Mean?

After taking over as sheriff, Ethan was presented with a key to a safe containing boxes of files with information about the previous lives of every resident in Wayward Pines. It seems no one is there by accident and whoever is in charge has a lot of resources. Will fans ever find out who is pulling the strings?

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