Wealth Building Strategies in Energy, Metals and Other Markets (Author: Chris Waltzek)

This just-in-time book will help any investor find safe havens that will turn the economic downturn into a unique wealth-building experience. As long as stocks continue to post new highs and surprising lows, investors will need dynamic strategies to make a profit. Wealth Building Strategies in Energy, Metals, and Other Markets explains that money management and long-term trend identification are the keys to investing success. This groundbreaking book includes a proprietary investing system that targets the widest possible array of global indexes with low correlations.

  • Examines what's next for the housing and energy markets
  • Breaks down major topics such as banking, credit, inflation and deflation, and the mortgage bubble, and shows investors what to expect
  • Offers a key to turning finances around and a path for continued successful investing

The author-host of the popular Goldseek Radio show-includes frequently asked questions and offers expert investing advice.

From the Inside Flap

Not too long ago money in the bank meant that something was not only a safe bet, but practically a sure thing, as well. That was then. Today, banks are failing in alarming numbers (according to the FDIC, more than 225 banks in almost 40 states since 2008). And Wall Street continues to go up big one day and down even bigger the next. If your money is in either a bank or the stock market, it's a gamble-and anything but a safe bet, let alone a sure thing. So how does a sophisticated investor respond when questioned about where he's putting his money? If he's traded paper (stocks) for precious metals, he says, My investments are golden. Are you gambling with your money, or are your investments golden?

In Wealth Building Strategies in Energy, Metals and Other Markets, Chris Waltzek-host of Goldseek.com Radio-provides you with the secrets to successfully investing in an economic environment where anything goes and no one seems to know why or where it will go next. You'll learn Waltzek's proprietary investing system, a proven system built around a portfolio rich in energy commodities and precious metals. Topics include:

  • Price behavior/trend investing

  • Why precious metals-specifically, gold-are the ideal insurance plan for any portfolio, and the ideal investment class for years to come

  • Why peak oil and soaring global demand make energy investments a must-have

  • How identifying and conquering personal weaknesses can vastly enhance trading discipline and the performance of your portfolio

  • How, if you're considering purchasing a home, substantial bargains await the patient shopper

  • Why keeping cash reserves in a home safe is a prudent thing to do

  • How and why to replace credit cards with an emergency cash fund

Each chapter closes with a key takeaway for investors, as well as expert answers to real questions from listeners of Goldseek.com Radio.

Money management, limiting losses, and trend identification have always served investors well. Today, they are more important than ever. Wealth Building Strategies in Energy, Metals and Other Markets provides you with the tools and tips necessary to profit in today's global economy.

  • Publisher: Wiley (November 2, 2010)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0470638303
  • ISBN-13: 978-0470638309
  • Product Dimensions: 9 x 6.2 x 1.2 inches