Here's a preview of this week's International Business Times Magazine:
Syria’s War On Journalists
With the kidnapping of Spanish journalist Marc Marginedas by Syrian rebels, at least 15 Western reporters and photographers are now missing in the embattled country. Alan Huffman looks at why Syria is the most dangerous place in the world to be a journalist, with a first-person sidebar by Rasha Elass about the perils -- and advantages -- of covering the war as a woman. 
Space Is The Final Frontier For Nigeria, Too
The Nigerian space program: Yes, there is one, and it’s more successful than you might expect. Connor Sheets visits the West African nation and finds that it’s not all about corruption, slums and oil terrorists in their underpants.
A Healthy Slice Of Americana, US Car Ad Style
Women drivers, tail fins and cowboys climbing through car windows: Luke Villapaz takes a spin down automotive memory lane, searching for the American psyche in TV's car ads. 
Seeing Through You
Roxanne Palmer looks at how neuroscience and the law could intersect in the future - a topic explored in a new PBS special, "Brains on Trial."

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