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  • Syrian running with child
    A man runs through the streets of Aleppo, Syria, carrying a child, after an airstrike by Assad regime forces Tuesday, Jan. 21, 2014. Reuters/Ammar Abdullah
  • Target hacking suspect Andrew Hodirevski
    Security blogger Brian Krebs has fingered Ukrainian Andrew Hodirevski, pictured here, as the man behind the Target attack. Source Unknown
  • The Force (Darth Vader) Volkswagen (VW) Super Bowl ad
    The Super Bowl has showcased some of the most memorable commercials over the years, including a 2011 Volkswagen ad featuring a child dressed as Darth Vader from “Star Wars.” Volkswagen
  • Satoshi Square, Bitcoin Center NYC
    Bitcoin investors and others interested in the cryptocurrency gather at a recent meeting at the new Bitcoin Center NYC. Photo by Cameron Fuller
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Triumph of the tyrant?

Has Bashar Assad won his war against his own country, amid new allegations that his regime has systematically tortured people to death by the thousands? Rasha Elass reports from Damascus.

A world of suspects in huge hacking case

Who’s really behind the Target attack? Among the supposed culprits are a Russian teenager, a Ukrainian and two Mexicans. Ryan Neal finds that while the worst hacking crime in U.S. history remains unsolved, speculation is rampant. 

The adman’s championship game

Since the first Super Bowl, TV advertisers have lived for the big game, and their high-priced, high-profile spots have launched many cutting-edge campaigns. Over the years, the best spots have ranged from silly sendups to micro-art films to video bites clearly conceived to go viral. Luke Villapaz looks at the best ads prior to XLVIII.

Bitcoin comes to Wall Street's doorstep

The first New York City bitcoin office opens, providing a window into the changing world of global currency. Cameron Fuller is there. 

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