Weird Al Yankovic dresses up as Lady Gaga in his new video for 'Perform This Way,' a parody of Lady Gaga's hit single 'Born This Way.'

The song kicks off with this hilarious line:

My momma told me when i was hatched/act like a superstar/save your allowance, buy a bubble dress/and someday you'll go far.

And yes, Weird Al does wear a bubble dress as well as a unicorn hat (clearly a reference to Lady Gaga's new unicorn tattoo).

Al goes on to sing:

I'm sure my critics will say it's a grotesque display/but they can bite me baby/I perform this way.

There was as bit of controversy when the song was first released. It was reported that it wouldn't be on Weird Al's new album because Lady Gaga didn't approve. It seems that was inaccurate and mother monster did give her blessing--and now the hilarious video is out. The video includes nods to Gaga's many music video outfits. The oversized nurse hat from 'Alejandro,' the yellow police tape from 'Telephone' and the bra and panty set from the 'Born This Way' video. Al even does the 'Born This Way' dance moves.

Other lyrical highlights include:

Got my straight jacket today/it's made of gold lame/no, not because I'm crazy/I perform this way.

While wearing a meat dress: I'll strap my ribs to my feet/cover myself with raw meat/I bet you've never seen a skirt steak/worn this way.

The video is funny and the song itself actually flatters Gaga because it recognizes that her outfits and antics are part of her art. Al nods his head to this in his last line: I'm really not insane/I just perform this way.