Most of the world spilled appreciation and iSad emotion upon the news that Apple co-founder and longtime CEO Steve Jobs died. By the controversial Westboro Baptist Church, known for picketing funeral such as Norway Massacre victims and the Ryan Dunn death, continues with plans to protest Jobs' funeral, if one is held.

Not long after Jobs' death was announced late Wednesday the leader of the Westboro Baptist Church of Kansas Tweeted her desire to pickets Jobs' funeral citing his unwavering godlessness.

Westboro will picket his funeral. He had a huge platform; gave God no glory & taught sin, wrote Margie Phelps, daughter of church leader Fred Phelps, on Twitter Wednesday night.

No peace for man who served self, not God, Phelps wrote with the hashtag, #hellgreetedhim. Westboro must picket.

The Westboro church leader sent more messages defending her controversial stance on Thursday morning via an iPhone. Apple's signature smartphone product which is the global bestseller.

Rebels mad cuz I used iPhone to tell you Steve Jobs is in hell.God created iPhone for that purpose! icon she wrote.

The controversial church of Topeka, Kansas is known for picketing outside of soldiers funerals to bring attention to their cause, including anti-homosexual positions. The church's Web domain is The church, consisting mostly of Phelps family members, uses such controversial stances for fund-raising and to promote its causes. The church believes that God punishes America for its tolerance of sin.

But while Phelps said Westboro wanted to picket Jobs' funeral, no services have been announced as a Thursday. But not long after the Westboro church announced its plans, its Web site went down. By Thursday afternoon was down, experiencing technical difficulties.

Earlier this year the hacking group Anonymous is believed to have taken down the Westboro church Web site.