The anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church -- which coined the phrase, "God hates fags" -- plans on protesting the legendary film critic Roger Ebert’s memorial service today in Chicago, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

In a press release by the Kansas-based church, which is headed by infamous pastor Fred Phelps, the late Sun-Times journalist was a “fag enabler.”

The release states: “American entertainment industry publicity leech Roger Ebert took to Twitterverse to mock the faithful servants of God at Westboro Baptist Church. … Now the famed critic is in a new jurisdiction, where he can see the blessings poured out on God’s humble servants in heaven, from his seat of eternal torment & sorrow in Hell!”

The Hollywood Reporter points out that Ebert tweeted on March 25 a link to a Salon post that excerpts pieces from author Jeff Chu’s “Does Jesus Really Love Me?: A Gay Christian’s Pilgrimage in Search of God in America.”

Ebert, 70, who passed away last Thursday after his long-enduring bout with cancer, commented “Just another day at Westboro Baptist” and another one, saying “One more day at the Westboro Baptist church” along with his tweets.

The Pulitzer Prize-winning critic’s funeral will be held at the Holy Name Cathedral in Chicago, where the church will picket “in lawful proximity.”

Other funerals that Westboro Baptist has protested include: Whitney Houston, Steve Jobs and slain gay teen Matthew Shepard.

To read the full press release, click here.