The new trailer released by HBO of its upcoming Western sci-fi show “Westworld” is absolutely chilling, with its main characters dealing with a web of lies, indulgent sex and senseless deaths.

The trailer opens with James Marsden’s cowboy Teddy Flood and Evan Rachel Wood’s Dolores Abernathy. The two look out into the horizon, and  Teddy tells Dolores, “You know if I can stay here with you I would.”

Dolores’ voiceover follows next, “Sometimes I feel like the world out there is calling me.”

The scene changes, and Dolores is seen talking to a young boy next who tells her, “You’re one of them, aren’t you? You’re not real.” But Dolores just gives him a quizzical look.

The scene quickly shifts after, with Dolores trying to catch her breath in some sort of lab. She talks to Anthony Hopkins’ Dr. Robert Ford, who tells her she’s inside his dream - a world he has created to fulfil people’s desires.

A series of scenes quickly unfold, with violent shootings, sex scenes, a milk-drinking cowboy with holes in his body and several dead bodies scattered all over the street.

Dolores is deemed as an anomaly in Dr. Ford’s world, and the trailer ends with her questioning him if they are friends. “I wouldn’t say that at all,” he answered.

“Westworld” creators Jonathan Nolan (brother of Christopher Nolan of “The Dark Knight” fame) and Lisa Joy have done everything they can to make an exciting first season, but the two admitted that they encountered quite a lot of challenges in creating the new series.

“Nothing good is easy,” Nolan told Vulture. “HBO is holding themselves to a high standard. But they didn’t have to encourage us to be ambitious. We were ambitious from the beginning.”

However, the show already drew criticism due to a rape scene in the pilot episode. Joy told the L.A. Times that it was important for them to incorporate sexual violence into the show because it has “sadly been a fact of human history since the beginning of human history.”