The HBO sci-fi show “Westworld” seemed to have killed off some key characters during the first season, including Anthony Hopkins’ Dr. Robert Ford, Shannon Woodward’s Elsie Hughes and Luke Hemsworth’s Ashley Stubbs. However, the beauty of TV shows is that not everybody who is dead stays dead forever. “Westworld,” in particular, can bring back dead characters as hosts. And many are hoping such would be the case with Ford.

On the other hand, fans need not worry about Stubbs because Hemsworth told the Huffington Post that he’s doing just fine. “Physically? He’s well. He’s doing all right. Just taking a sabbatical,” he said.

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His character ran into some trouble with the Ghost Nation hosts in “Westworld” episode 9, titled “The Well-Tempered Clavier.” They took him under their custody, and not a word from him was heard since.

Hemsworth refused to reveal what Stubbs’ role will be in Season 2 and simply maintained the show’s “strength is its secrecy.” He was quick to add that he simply does not know what showrunners Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy have cooked up yet next season. “They’re very good at keeping those things secret and not telling me… so your guess is as good as mine,” he said.

Personally, Hemsworth thinks that Elsie might have lured Stubbs into the park to rescue her. He likes to believe that she’s doing just fine and that her old boss Bernard Lowe (Jeffrey Wright) didn’t really kill her upon the instruction of Ford.

Meanwhile, some characters have just been promoted as regulars for Season 2. Peter Abernathy (Louis Herthum), who was featured in just a few episodes back in Season 1, will make appearances in at least six episodes next year, according to Deadline.

Angela (Talulah Riley) is another host who has been promoted this coming Season 2, reported Entertainment Weekly. Angela is the greeter-host in Westworld, and she was introduced as a different host in a different narrative in the latter part of the series. According to the report, Angela is “a host whose beatific face welcomed guests to Westworld for decades. Angela will prove to be one of the last faces many guests will ever see.”

Evan Rachel Wood’s Dolores Abernathy, Thandie Newton’s Maeve Millay, Wright’s Bernard, James Marsden’s Teddy Flood and Ed Harris’ Man in Black are guaranteed to return as well. However, Jimmi Simpson’s young William might not make the cut.

It was revealed during the season finale that William eventually grew up to become the cynical Man in Black, therefore breaking the heart of his former girlfriend, Dolores. Due to this reveal, there’s no more need for William to make a comeback. Unless, of course, the showrunners somehow manage to create a new storyline for him.

Simpson earlier told GQ, “If they have more for William, I would assume it would be a whole new kind of story. Because I feel like this story, the love affair [with Evan Rachel Wood’s character, Dolores], we know everything, we know what happens, we don’t have to belabor that point.”