The host played by Talulah Riley came back in a big way in “Westworld” episode 8, titled “Trace Decay.”

She was first seen in the show’s second episode, titled “Chestnut,” playing a host named Angela. It was Angela who guided newbie William (Jimmi Simpson) into the park, and when she offered to let him do whatever he wanted, he turned her down.

It could have been the last time “Westworld” fans would see Riley, but she resurfaced in “Trace Decay” when Teddy Flood (James Marsden) saw her unconscious body.

The Man in Black (Ed Harris) noticed her and commented that Dr. Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins) did not want to waste a pretty face. His comment meant that he had come face-to-face with the host before, but could he have been referring to their first encounter?

A lot of people have guessed that “Westworld” is operating in different timelines, and William will eventually become the Man in Black. Due to the reappearance of Riley’s host, it now seems very likely.

According to Slash Film, it seems unlikely for Riley to be playing Angela and Wyatt’s secret agent at the same time. In addition, the Man in Black bared his past pains to Teddy when the cowboy confronted him about hurting Dolores Abernathy (Evan Rachel Wood). Everything the Man in Black said can be linked back to William after his first park visit.

When Simpson was earlier asked about that popular theory, he remained coy but said he would love for it to be true. “I love that one,” he told the Wall Street Journal, as he thinks Harris’ Man in Black is “the friggin’ coolest character on the show.”

It’s possible this revelation will make it to the Season 1 finale. Simpson’s co-star Wood earlier told the Huffington Post that the finale will really take fans on an emotional whirlwind, and the episodes leading up to that will leave “your heart broken and your mind blown.”