Many people claim to worry about the
environment, but continue to drive their exhaust polluting vehicles
through a thick layer of smog. Our energy resources are suffering a
terrible blow and so few people are actually willing to do anything
about it. One solution to consider is the use of a hybrid vehicle. They
emit less pollution that a standard oil burning type and offer less gas
used per mile! Imagine the savings. But that's not the only reason you
should consider a hybrid.

The EPA or Environmental Protection Agency, when doing a comparison
between a hybrid and regular vehicle, finds some very interesting
facts. Vehicles are tested to determine what type of emissions they are
polluting into the air we breathe, then they are rated by those
conclusions. Among their choice vehicles, the hybrid along with SUV’s
and eventually minivan's are the pick of the liter! The Toyota Camry
puts out more than half of what its hybrid counterpart, the Toyota
Prius hybrid does, in carbon dioxide. Nitrogen oxide and hydrocarbons
are diminished by two-thirds and halves supported by their green house
emission rating for pollutants. With the exception of trucks, hybrid
vehicles have the more favorable of ratings and top their categories
over and over. When faced with the fact that hybrids put 97% less
pollutants and toxins into the air when compared with gas-burning
vehicles, it becomes harder to justify why we continue to drive the

Hybrids are the better choice for so many reasons, including the
evidence that they emit fewer pollutants and the fact that they get
phenomenally better mpg, between 20 and 30 for larger engine models
likes trucks or SUV’s and well into the 60 range for cars! Manuals
traditionally get better mpg than automatics, which is evident by the
Honda Insight whose automatic gets 50mpg and middle 60's for it's
manual. Aside from being more efficient, the greenhouse effect and
fossil fuel debate would be null and void by the use of hybrid only
vehicles. It's unfortunate that our vehicles only allow for 15 to
18mpg, but can that argument really justify the damage they are doing
to our environment? Society as a whole needs to get serious about
conserving our fuel, and hybrid vehicles are definitely a step in the
right direction.

Have you ever been stuck in traffic on a hot day, in a busy city?
How was the air quality around you? Could you take a deep breath and
exhale on a smile? Probably not. It's not just the environment we need
to concern ourselves with. Our bodies and health suffer from the
effects of carbon monoxide and methane, being emitted into the air by
our vehicles. We are doing damage to our lungs everyday. Did you know
that one third of all air pollution in America is in direct relation to
that which our vehicles output? Researchers are studying the effects
these pollutants have on the human body as we speak and direct links to
cancer are being found. Sounds scary doesn't it? Yet another reason why
hybrid cars are the better, more health conscious choice.

If you could reduce the amount of carbon dioxide being polluted
into the air by 10 tons, would you? The fact of the matter is, 1
vehicle getting 25mpg instead of 20mpg, would do exactly that. The EPA
measures the effects these pollutants have on all living things and
reports its findings on every industry. Today, with the advance in our
technology, there is no reason for the continued desecration of our
environment by the use of these inefficient, toxic vehicles. Yes, it's
true there is much left to learn and the EPA is continually breaking
ground and finding new solutions to old problems. How we put the
information they provide us with, to use, is up to us. We are
responsible for our world and our bodies and in the long run, it is the
population as a whole who will undoubtedly have to answer for our
actions or lack thereof.

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