What To Buy Your Boyfriend For Christmas: 7 Original Gift Ideas For Men

There are only seven shopping days left until Christmas. For those still looking for the perfect present for the main man in their life, here are seven original gift ideas to give to your boyfriend this holiday season:

PARTY ANIMAL: Miller High Life Beer Pouch Hoodie, WearYourBeer.com-- $39.95

Beer Hoodie Miller High Life Beer Pouch Hoodie, WearYourBeer.com-- $39.95  wearyourbeer.com

Let your boyfriend release his inner party animal by giving him a sweatshirt for his nights out on the town. The Miller High Life pouch hoodie allows your man to enjoy his favorite brew while still having his hands free.

MR. FIX-It: Lux LED Tripod Flashlight, Kohls.com-- $19.99

Tripod Flashlight Lux LED Tripod Flashlight, Kohls.com-- $19.99  kohls.com

Get your handyman a tool that will help him get every job done. The Lux Series LED tripod flashlight, which offers hands-free lighting assistance, ensures your man will be able to complete even the most challenging fixes with ease. (The set also includes a matching LED lantern.)

COLLEGE BOY: "Sure, I’ll Try It" Gift Box, Shop.Gifts.com-- $52.00

Sure, I'll Try It" Gift Box The "Sure, I’ll Try It” Gift Box, Shop.Gifts.com-- $52.00  shop.gifts.com

Give the well-loved care package gift idea a twist by giving your college-bound boyfriend a “Sure, I’ll Try It” gift box this Christmas. The gift set includes interesting food items such as bacon-flavored frosting, pickle mints and gravy candy to name a few. Hygiene products such as bacon toothpaste and ranch-flavored floss are also notable items including in this set.

MAN CHILD: 50-Foot Snowball Launcher, Hammacher.com-- $29.95

Snowball Launcher The 50-Foot Snowball Launcher, Hammacher.com-- $29.95  hammacher.com

Give your favorite man-child exactly what he wants this Christmas—a toy. The snowball launcher, which shoots softball-sized snowballs up to 50 feet, is sure to help bring out the kid in your boyfriend this holiday.

METROSEXUAL: Birchbox Man 12-Month Subscription, Birchbox.com-- $195

Birchbox Man Ultimate Collection Above: Birchbox Man Ultimate Collection from Birchbox.com-- $250. A yearly subscription service to Birchbox for men is available for $195 per year.  birchbox.com

Let your metrosexual man discover new products by gifting him Birchbox for men this holiday. The yearly subscription is the gift that keeps on giving as your boyfriend will receive a package of products and samples at his door every month throughout 2014.

MUSIC LOVER: DIY Guitar Pick Punch, ThinkGeek.com-- $19.99

Guitar Pick Puncher DIY Guitar Pick Punch, ThinkGeek.com-- $19.99  thinkgeek.com

Give your music-loving boyfriend a unique gift by purchasing him the make-your-own guitar-pick puncher from ThinkGeek. The tool allows musicians to create their own standard 351 picks with anything from old credit cards to plastic packaging material and more.

TECH SAVVY: Travel Charging Kit, SharperImage.com-- $49.99

Travel Charging Kit Travel Charging Kit, SharperImage.com-- $49.99  sharperimage.com

Give your tech-loving boyfriend peace of mind by giving him the ultimate travel-charging kit this Christmas. The kit allows up to three electronic devices to be charged at once and can be stored in its own travel pouch for on-the-go charging.

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