Samsung has been sending out teasers for its upcoming Galaxy S6 smartphone for weeks, but there has been little indication of what the device will actually look like. Today a carrier -- not Samsung -- gave us the the most detailed look at the device so far.

T-Mobile has put up an information sign-up page for the Samsung Galaxy S6, one week prior to the press event where it will be announced. An image on the page shows a profile shot of the Galaxy S6 facing screen down, with the caption “six appeal.” While it’s not a full-frontal shot of the device, we see enough of the Galaxy S6 to make quite a few educated guesses.  

From the side, we can see a slightly curved edge on the Galaxy S6. The image suggests that the edge might not be functional like on the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge smartphone, but may be more of a design aspect. It is likely that the Galaxy S6 will feature curved edges on both sides of its bodice. A teaser photo that Samsung shared in early February shows a silhouette of the Galaxy S6 profile facing screen up, which shows there is a curve on the other side of the device.

samsung-unpacked-2015 Samsung's Galaxy S6 teaser Photo: Samsung

Many aspects of the phone look quite typical for a Samsung device. From the shot, we can see a blurred view of the Samsung branding on the top of the Galaxy S6. The home button is also shaped similarly to those on older Galaxy models, albeit a little larger. Rumors have suggested that Samsung is using a new technology for its fingerprint sensor.

It appears the Samsung Galaxy S6 has an all-metal back panel, which fans and pundits have been expecting. Samsung launched several metal devices in the latter half of 2014, many having a design similar to Apple’s iPhone 5s. Rumors have also suggested that the Samsung might take design cues from the iPhones 6. But the overall shape of the Galaxy S6 looks much different from that of the latest iPhone.

Luckily, there are only six days left until the Samsung Galaxy S6 is official (six appeal; we see what you did there T-Mobile). The device will be announced on March 1 at a press event in Barcelona preceding the World Mobile Congress.