Who has taken Amanda Bynes and what has been done with her?

Fans of the 1990s show “All That,” which Bynes starred in, are really starting to get worried about one of their favorite childhood stars.

The 27-year-old seems to have been heading toward a downward spiral ever since she moved to New York City, but her Twitter posts from the past few days are really beginning to worry people.

On Wednesday night, she added a photo that shows her wearing only black lace underwear and some jewelry, and its caption is “Rawr.” She then proceeded to add a topless TwitPic and a photo of just her stomach.

While plenty of girls in their 20s post revealing pictures of themselves on social media, it seems shocking to fans who still think of Bynes as the little girl from “The Amanda Show” with the dancing lobsters.

Her total makeover includes two cheek piercings (she no longer has one of them), platinum blonde hair, half of which she shaved, and she obsessively tweets about her body image and how she will sue any news outlet that writes a negative story about her.

She demands privacy but then posts videos and pictures to her Twitter multiple times a week.

The “retired” actress reportedly refuses to talk to her parents, and she was accused of scaring children in the building where she lives with her strange antics.

Here's what Twitter users have to say about the starlet: