Allegedly abducted California mother Sherri Papini returned home nearly a week ago, but the gruesome details of her case are still being revealed by authorities.

Papini, 34, was reported missing by her husband after she went for a jog Nov. 2 and turned up on Thanksgiving Day, 150 miles south of her town near Redding, California. Papini was discovered roadside, flagging down a motorist and still wearing restraints.

At a hospital, doctors found she'd been severely beaten and abused during her alleged abduction, according to People. Papini was underweight — and a message had also been burned directly onto her skin, ABC News reported Wednesday.

Shasta County Sheriff Tom Bosenko told ABC News’ “Good Morning America” that he thought the message branded onto the woman was “some sort of an exertion of power and control.”

“It is not a symbol, but it was a message,” Bosenko said.

People following the Papini case learned more about her condition during Wednesday's "Good Morning America," which included a statement from her husband. He said “now-emaciated body of 87 pounds” was also covered in wounds like bruises, severe burns and rashes. Papini had suffered a broken nose and her hair was shorn when she was found Nov. 24.

“Nothing could have prepared me for what I was about to see upon my arrival at the hospital, nor the details of the true hell I was about to hear,” Keith Papini wrote of the moment he first saw his wife after the weeks she spent missing.  

Authorities were continuing this week to search for potentially multiple alleged kidnappers. Investigators and police were gathering evidence as they hunted for the alleged perpetrators, according to the Los Angeles Times.

“We don’t have the reason as of yet of why she was abducted,” People reported Bosenko said Tuesday. “We don’t have details on where she was being held during this period time.”