Victoria Beckham was honored with Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) award Wednesday at the Buckingham Palace from Prince William for her contribution to charity work and services to the fashion industry.

The former Spice Girl was delighted to receive the honor and said: "It was an absolute pleasure to be at Buckingham Palace today. I'm proud to be British, honored and humbled to receive my OBE from the Duke of Cambridge. If you dream big and work hard you can accomplish great things. I'm so happy to share this very special occasion with my parents and husband. Without their love and support, none of this would be possible."

The honors system under the U.K. government has categories of awards that they honor people with. The honors committee decides and nominates a person for a special award. According to the honor system OBE has been described as an honor that is "awarded for having a major local role in any activity, including people whose work has made them known nationally in their chosen area."

Victoria received the award for her service to the fashion industry and for undertaking numerous philanthropic ventures. Her husband David Beckham and her parents Jackie Adams and Tony Adams were also present in the palace to support her. David had also received an OBE in 2003.

Victoria became a UN goodwill ambassador in September 2014 for an AIDS charity. She also supports Save the Children, animal charity PETA and is a patron of the Elton John Aids Foundation. In 2014, at a press conference in New York, Victoria spoke about how she wanted to make a difference with her role in the UN.

“I am mother and I am a woman. I will do whatever I can to raise awareness. I feel very passionate about this. I recently visited South Africa and was so touched by the women I met and felt inspired. I came home and I knew I had to do something,” she had said.

“It’s taken me to get to 40 to realize I have a responsibility as a woman and as a mother. For some reason people will listen to me. This is the beginning of an incredible journey for me. I have people mentoring me. I am going back to South Africa in a few weeks and then further afield next year,” she added, according to