By Andrew Mickey

If you?re willing to look for it, there?s always a profit opportunity somewhere. Right now, natural gas is one of those opportunities.

Coal consumption for electricity production is expected to increase a respectable 25% in the next two decades. Other sources of electricity, including nuclear, oil and renewables, are projected to remain flat.


Natural gas, however, is poised to more than double, making it the preferred electricity source of the 21st century. That?s four times faster than any other alternative..

While other electricity sources like nuclear and renewables are attracting all of the attention (and government subsidies), old reliable natural gas is on a sustainable bull run.

As the Department of Energy (DOE) projects, we?re still in the relatively early stages of the natural gas bull market. With growth like this, this bull won?t turn tame at the first sign of an economic downturn.

Good investing,