UPDATE: 12:05 p.m. EST: The Multi-State Lottery raised the jackpot Saturday to $900 million, the Georgia Lottery reported.

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If you decided to spend the $2 on your Powerball jackpot ticket hoping to win the $800 million jackpot, don’t forget to tune in either on an app or on television, to see what numbers get drawn. The drawing of those six fateful numbered balls is to occur just before 11 p.m. EST Saturday, CNN Money reported.

The numbers may take only seconds to collect and read off, but they will change some people’s lives. The $800 million is a record U.S. jackpot, surpassing the $500 million in Wednesday’s Powerball jackpot.

There are a couple of ways to check if you have won the money and can walk into your job Monday and quit. One way to see the live results on the road is by downloading an app from Powerball, either from the Apple Store or Google Play.

There’s also the classic way of watching the results on TV, but that's a little trickier. Most cities broadcast the Powerball results on different stations, so you have to check beforehand where to see the results. Powerball’s website has a list of stations broadcasting the results.

And if you can’t make it to either your phone or a TV at the exact time the numbers are plucked, Powerball’s website also lists the numbers. For those who haven’t played, the game is simple — when you buy your ticket, you either choose six numbers or have them randomly assigned, then wait to see if they line up with the numbers drawn.

If all the white balls and the final red ball match, you can walk away with the jackpot. While you may think your lucky numbers are the ones that will be pulled Saturday night, the better chance at winning will likely come if you use randomly assigned numbers, known as quick picks. Some 70 percent of lottery winners in the past used this computer-generated system, ABC News reported.