The most recent WhatsApp private beta with version number 2.12.20 has been spotted for Windows Phone users. It now includes some of the most anticipated features that WhatsApp users requested on Uservoice, an unofficial site where WhatsApp fans offer feedback.

WM Power User (WMPU) said the new version of WhatsApp will allow users to send and receive audio files. This feature is unavailable to users with the WhatsApp version that is currently available on Windows Phone store. Moreover, the new version comes with a toggle button for read receipts. When a user switches off the alerts for read receipts, the message sender would not know whether the user has read the messages or not.

New animations and chat bubbles are also included in the latest update. It also comes with a multiple selection option for contacts on a chat list. The new changes are expected to arrive in the main client very soon. However, the most-awaited WhatsApp feature for Windows Phone users is the support for voice calling.

WhatsApp voice calling has already arrived for other platforms like Android, iOS and BlackBerry 10 OS, but it is yet to come on the Windows Phone platform. Speculation is rife that the VOIP feature will arrive this month, Ordoh reports.

It is said that the sole reason the VOIP feature has been delayed for Windows Phone users is the platform does not have many users, unlike Android and iOS. Hence, the WhatsApp calling feature was revealed for these platforms first.

More WhatsApp Features Expected For Windows Phone Users

International Business Times Australia reports that the next WhatsApp edition will come with a handful of new features. Like instant messaging apps such as Viber and Skype, WhatsApp is pegged to have video calling feature.

The new WhatsApp will also reportedly come with a feature called “Call via Skype” that will let users make instant video calls through Skype during a text chat. Another feature that is expected to arrive is the addition of a Send button with a WhatsApp symbol on it, along with other options such as Like, Comment and Share.

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