The Brown family is coming clean.

On Sunday, Kody and his four wives will answer the burning questions that fans have during the two-hour Season 7 finale of TLC’s “Sister Wives.” The finale episode, set to air June 26, will act as a tell all, allowing the Brown family to discuss a “wide range of topics.”

According to the synopsis for the finale, some of the subjects set to be explored include the complicated relationships between family members, including their children, in addition to Meri’s catfishing scandal. The Brown family’s conversation will be monitored by NBC journalist Erica Hill.

Meri’s storyline played a pivotal role throughout the season — even kicking off the installment on an emotional note in therapy. The seventh installment began with Meri, Kody and her fellow sister wives discussing the internet bullying Meri experienced with a therapist. During their counseling session, Meri revealed that the first person she confided in about being bullied by a woman pretending to be a man was her sister wife Robyn.

“I ended up in Robyn’s hotel room one night and told her what was going on,” Meri revealed in the Season 7 premiere episode.

After Meri opened up about her difficult experience, her family responded with open arms and words of support.

“That is just evil to create all these identities to deceive people,” Meri’s sister wife Christine reacted to the jaw-dropping scandal while Kody embraced his wife with a hug. “I’m sorry this happened. We’ll be here for you.”

The family will continue to share their thoughts and feelings about their experiences throughout Season 7 of “Sister Wives” during the finale episode. The “Tell All” will air Sunday, June 26, at 8 p.m. EDT on TLC.