Christine Brown is feeling green — or at least, that’s what Kody’s third wife revealed in Sunday’s episode of TLC’s hit series “Sister Wives.”

During episode 2, Christine confessed that she had feelings of jealousy toward her fellow sister wife when she learned that her eldest daughter Apsyn was moving in with Robyn. Aspyn explained in the Season 7 installment that after her apartment lease had ended, she had made the decision to move back home — but not to live with her mother. Instead, she revealed that she would be bunking with her father’s fourth wife Robyn.

According to Aspyn, she had “problems” with her mom last summer when she was living home and wanted to avoid butting heads with her mother once again. Hoping to save their relationship, Aspyn came up with the idea to live under Robyn’s roof to prevent any arguments with her mother from occurring.

“This is better for me,” she explained in the second episode.

Robyn also felt that it was a smart choice for Aspyn to live with her. “I thought about it and I thought this is a good thing,” Robyn said before asking Christine if she had an issue with Aspyn’s living arrangement.

“Oh, yeah. For Sure,” Christine said in a surprising statement, revealing that she was hurt by Aspyn’s decision. “She’s going to have a cool relationship with you because she’s going to go to you instead of me … Am I struggling a little bit with it? For sure.”

But despite her hurt feelings, Christine knows that she did something similar when she was younger. Kody’s wife, who was also raised in a plural family, dished that she too would go to her other mother for advice and comfort, resulting in a special relationship between the two.

“It’s a polygamy perk,” Kody chimed in during a confessional, revealing that having the ability to develop relationships with other parents is a benefit of the plural lifestyle.

However, Christine is starting to realize that it’s a disadvantage when her daughter is the one running to another parent for help.

“Sister Wives” airs Sundays at 8 p.m. EDT on TLC.