On Sunday TLC will air a new documentary called William & Kate: Royal Baby Watch? The special will feature details about the couple's new married life, their plans and maybe even details on their move to Kensington Palace or their hunt for a permanent London residence.

As per the trailer (see below) another main focus of the special will be discussing why their marriage has to work and create no scandal. And then finally, the show will ask that burning question: When will Kate get pregnant with the royal baby?

More importantly, what will her maternity fashion look like?

Stars are known for their glamorous pregnancy fashion, will Kate be the same? It's hard to tell. She and Will have been acting pretty 'normal' since the wedding, refusing to hire servants and only bringing a small entourage on their tour of Canada and California.

Natalie Portman might be able to give her some advice. Natalie gave birth to her first child, a baby boy, earlier this week and looked absolutely stunning throughout her pregnancy.

Here's a look at maternity clothes--celebrity style.