Teresa Giudice may be back home with her family, but in just a few months her husband, Joe Giudice, will be forced to begin a lengthy prison sentence of his own. The stars of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" were both sentenced in October 2014 after pleading guilty on multiple counts of fraud. Joe, who received a much lengthier sentence than did Teresa, is now gearing up to leave his family behind for more than three years.

According to the Daily Dish by Bravo, the father of four will report to prison in March 2016. Joe will serve 41 months at the Federal Correctional Institution, Fort Dix, the same facility currently housing Apollo Nida, one of the husbands on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta."

The publication indicated that while Joe's reporting date is nearing, neither he nor Teresa are thinking about it. James Leonard, attorney for both of them, said they're focusing on the present and attempting to not worry too much about what the semidistant future holds. 

"We're really at this point just kind of taking things, I don't want to say, one day at a time, but we're not moving too far ahead of, 'Hey, we need to get her home, get her situated,'" Leonard said. "And those will be discussions that happen down the road, but they're not necessary at this point."

Photographs have been released of Teresa's first moments with Joe and her four daughters. Sources said the family was "emotional" as its members embraced for the first time outside a prison in nearly a year. Joe is said to have tried to hang back, allowing Teresa's daughters to get their fill of their mother. He and the cookbook author shared a moment of their own later on. The photos showcase the adorable signed decorations handmade by Teresa's daughters to celebrate her homecoming.

Teresa was released from Danbury Women's Correctional Facility in Danbury, Connecticut, Wednesday at 5 a.m. EST. After filling out the necessary discharge papers, the reality-television star was released to her lawyer, who drove her back to her family home in New Jersey. Joe was reportedly anxiously awaiting her arrival in the driveway with a very special -- and pricey -- gift. He presented her with a brand-new Lexus SUV, despite the fact that she will continue to be under house arrest until February.