After several theoretical release dates have come and gone, Android users are flat out demanding the release of popular smart phone game Temple Run on the Android market, taking to online forums and social networks to pressure Imangi Studios into releasing the game. Imangi responded to their frenzied fans on Twitter with the unfortunate news that there is no scheduled release date as of yet, and that until one was posted on the company's Facebook page all other rumors should be ignored.

Temple Run was released six months ago on the Apple app market, and is currently the most 18th most popular free app with 36 million downloads. The game has spawned a number of 'clones.' Look-a-like apps that attempt to trick users into paying 99 cents for the wrong thing such as Temple Jump and Temple Guns can be spotted by looking at the available screenshots.  These 99 cent clones plague the Android market, but are also successful on the iOS app store; Temple Guns peaked at number seven on the Apple app market.

Tech blog checked up on the Twitter accounts of individual game developers at Imangi and found that although their primary focus is releasing Temple Run for Android, they are all working on other projects simultaneously. The game is expected to smash all Android app market records upon release.

For those unacquainted with the popular smart phone game, Temple Run, is a fast-paced arcade-style game with simple commands. The player controls an explorer fleeing from a hidden, Indiana-Jones-style temple while being pursued by bizarre monkey monsters. The goal is to run for as long as you can, picking up coins and power-ups along the way as you slide under low-hanging objects, jump across gaps in the platform and turn around corners.

The game was developed by Imangi studios, which was founded by husband and wife Keith Sheperd and Natalie Luckyanova in 2008. The couple were soon joined by brilliant artist Kiril Tchangov in 2009. Together, the three game developers have released megahits Harbor Master and Temple run, as well as a stable of other smartphone games including a vocabulary and spatial-reasoning, skill-building game called Imangi.