Selena Gomez fans are ready to watch a new movie this weekend, and they don’t even have to leave their couches. Netflix will premiere “The Fundamentals of Caring” Friday. The indie flick was picked up by the streaming platform right before it debuted at Sundance in January. Plenty of the singer’s fans will want to tune in as soon as the movie is up.

Those who want to be first to watch the dramedy, which is based on Jonathan Evison’s novel “The Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving,” will need to stay up late Thursday night. The East and West coasts will see it at the same time, so some will need a little extra coffee. West Coast viewers will be able to watch at midnight PDT while East Coasters will need to wait until 3 a.m. EDT.

Viewers will need a Netflix account to see “The Fundamentals of Caring.” Anyone who is new to Netflix can get a free 30-day trial. Regular plans start at $7.99 a month. The movie can be streamed via the website on a computer or via the app on mobile devices.

Even though much of the press for “The Fundamentals of Caring” focuses on Gomez, it seems like the multiplatinum singer has a supporting role in the movie. The movie focuses on Ben (Paul Rudd), a writer who becomes a caregiver for Trevor (Craig Roberts), a teenager with muscular dystrophy. Trevor wants to go to the World’s Deepest Pit, and on their road trip they meet Dot (Gomez), a sassy runaway. Trevor quickly becomes enamored with her.

Gomez noted that she loves each character’s individual journey. She even auditioned for the part several times. “I hadn’t read the book when I got the script, but I completely resonated with the characters,” Gomez told Vulture in January. “I understood that these were three broken people that were going through their own separate journeys, and I was willing and I wanted to go there. I wanted to do all of the things that I could do with her. So I auditioned three times.”

“The Fundamentals of Caregiving” hits Netflix Friday, June 24.