The Amber Cole video that went viral Tuesday has spawned an enormous amount of controversy. The video shows a 14-year-old girl -- taped in flagrante delicto -- performing oral sex on her boyfriend on her school campus. 

Many are now calling Cole a slut, little ho and worse. Twitter, Facebook and other social media have exploded with nauseating comments about the video and Cole.

But others have come out in support of the young girl, fearing such cyber-bullying could lead to increased suicide attempts by  victimized girls. Others say the video is essentially child pornography and should not to be shared.

In response, another teenager has made a video titled Leave Amber Cole Alone, which went viral Tuesday night, reaching more than 200,000 page views. It shows a girl who looks to be the same age as Cole, criticizing people for bullying Cole.

Either way, the original video has now become one of the hottest topics of conversation on social media. The video has also brought into relief the significance of sex education for teenagers.

The controversy has generated unfounded speculation on Twitter about a possible Cole suicide. The rumors have not been verified by any credible source.

People have also criticized the second video, which has been mocked for turning a controversial and serious topic into a satire.


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