New Zika virus cases appear to be rapidly spreading throughout the U.S. 

Recent reports from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Florida have confirmed around 470 cases of the virus that are travel-related and around 29 cases from local transmission. Officials also announced Tuesday that a case of locally transmitted Zika had been reported in the Tampa Bay area. Officials were investigating the origins of the mosquito.  

“This person did not travel to an infected area with Zika; we are looking at a number of locations,” Florida Gov. Rick Scott stated, according to the Tampa Bay Times. “Hopefully something good will happen and it will just be a single case.”

In Georgia, Savannah Morning News reported a positive case of the Zika virus in Bulloch County. The instance was confirmed to be travel-related, and the local news site relayed that no evidence of the virus was found to be transmitted in the Statesboro area.

Georgia Student Health Services confirmed the report, telling WTOC that “it is important to understand that this case is travel associated and there is no evidence that Zika is being transmitted in our area. To date, there are approximately 60 other travel-related Zika cases throughout Georgia and no evidence of local transmission.”

Locally transmitted cases of the virus have so far only been reported in Florida. Zika can be spread via sexual transmission.

So what areas in the U.S. are getting hit the hardest with the Virus? As of August 24, the CDC reported that the following states have reported the highest number of travel-related Zika virus cases:

  • Florida, 471 cases 
  • New York, 601 cases
  • California, 152 cases
  • Texas, 125 cases
  • New Jersey, 91 cases